TAO Asian Bistro and Lounge Water Features

A stunning modern water feature at the TAO Asian Bistro, featuring a red-lit glass structure with cascading water, pooling at the bottom.

During the Summer of 2020, the Mohegan Sun contacted COST to develop unique water features for their latest dining concept, TAO Asian Bistro and Lounge. Conveniently situated off the Sky Tower Hotel Lobby, TAO boasts a 10,000-square-foot, 300-seat Pan Asian dining experience. The Bistro focuses on Chinese, Japanese, and Thai techniques and ingredients. COST’s Scope…

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Water Feature at Twin Oaks Country Club

A cascading waterfall is created with stacked and staggered artificial rockwork boulders, located at the Twin Oaks Country Club.

Nestled between the 14th and 15th hole, with views from the clubhouse, lies a spectacular new water feature at the Twin Oaks Country Club. This feature consists of naturalistic shotcrete pond structures and artificial rockwork. The rock blends seamlessly with the Ozark hillside rock that is typical in the Springfield, Missouri, area. While this water…

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Water Fountain Features for Northern Quest Casino

A large water fountain with a statue of an Indian chief and bear standing on a pedestal. Water jets spout streams of water, underlit from lights on the floor of the fountain.

As Northern Quest Resort & Casino put the final touches on its expansion and remodeling project, COST was working on the new water features within the grand plaza area. Guests entering on Northern Quest Drive are welcomed by three dramatic fountain features, lush landscaping, decorative paving along with gathering spaces. Elements of the Northern Quest…

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Water Feature at The Waterleigh Entry

A large water feature that includes a pond and cascading waterfall, rockwork, and signage for the Waterleigh entry in Orlando.

Located on over 1,400 acres, the Waterleigh is a picturesque housing community just a short distance from Orlando. The design of the property combines the beauty of lushly landscaped green spaces, along with beautiful bodies of water. Accentuating Waterleigh’s entry is a water feature that blends both land and water, true to the overall property…

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Sundara Inn and Spa, Cambrian Oasis

Sundara Inn GFRC rock work grotto

Sundara Inn & Spa’s focus on wellness led ownership to pursue a new $9 million, 33,000 sq. ft. expansion project in Wisconsin Dells that opened in spring 2018. The expansion includes another outdoor pool, lush rooftop gardens, new fitness areas, additional culinary experiences, retreat space, and expanded parking. One focal point of the expansion is…

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