A cascading waterfall is created with stacked and staggered artificial rockwork boulders, located at the Twin Oaks Country Club.

Water Feature at Twin Oaks Country Club

Nestled between the 14th and 15th hole, with views from the clubhouse, lies a spectacular new water feature at the Twin Oaks Country Club. This feature consists of naturalistic shotcrete pond structures and artificial rockwork. The rock blends seamlessly with the Ozark hillside rock that is typical in the Springfield, Missouri, area. While this water feature is an aesthetic addition to an already beautiful golf course, it also serves as a recirculation system, limiting stagnating pond water and enhancing the feature’s water quality. Golf course architect Todd Clark strategically located the water feature to disguise architectural site lines and address grade changes.

Twin Oaks Country Club Project Details

The project included a 2,500 GPM pump system which is camouflaged beneath the water feature stream and simulated rockwork. This system delivers a cascading waterfall effect down to the main pond. The water supply source is drawn from the irrigation system’s spring-fed pond.

COST was hired by Twin Oaks Country Club to provide shop drawings, a ¼ inch scale construction model, and then water feature fabrication and construction work. On-site construction of the pool earthen/mud textures, simulated rockwork, and waterfalls was performed by COST field crews. Special attention was paid by trained sculptors and painters to match indigenous rock.

The project was designed by Todd Clark, ASGCA, and his firm, CE Golf Design and Landscape Architecture, based in Kansas City, KS. The same team is currently underway on a new pond feature with rockwork in another location on the property.

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