A large water feature that includes a pond and cascading waterfall, rockwork, and signage for the Waterleigh entry in Orlando.

Water Feature at The Waterleigh Entry

Located on over 1,400 acres, the Waterleigh is a picturesque housing community just a short distance from Orlando. The design of the property combines the beauty of lushly landscaped green spaces, along with beautiful bodies of water. Accentuating Waterleigh’s entry is a water feature that blends both land and water, true to the overall property design. The feature contains naturalistic rock features that anchor the more architecturally designed pools. Water moves from the various pool levels through a system of plaster weirs and frothing fountains. This design provides visually appealing water flows from top to bottom.

Designing the Waterleigh Entry Water Feature

Glenn Barnard with COST stated, “I have developed a lot of water features over my thirty-plus years of rockwork and waterfall experience. The unique and seamless blending of both architectural and naturalistic styles really makes this one of my favorite water feature projects to date.”

COST was contracted by Orlando-based Jordan Companies to join the design-assist team. Perry Becker Design Group was responsible for landscape architecture that included the water feature design direction. COST worked closely with the project team to consult on water feature development, complete shop drawings, build a scale model, fabricate secondary steelwork, and to construct simulated shotcrete rockwork and water feature integration.

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