theme park construction

Theme Park Construction in Orlando

COST recently completed two significant theme park construction projects in the Orlando market, both recognized as game-changers in the industry. The recently opened island-themed water park included several key features and finishes constructed by COST shop and field crews. This project required a significant coordination effort between several fabrication departments (fiberglass (FRP), glass fiber-reinforced concrete (GFRC), theme paint, and steel shops) to meet a tight completion schedule.

Details of COST’s Theme Design Work

While field crews were constructing over 35,000 square feet of simulated basalt rock work and theme plaster, the GFRC department was building theme pilaster ruins and Moai monolithic head sculptures. COST paint departments were responsible for theme painting 125 FRP and wood finials that were installed within the restaurant and retail areas. Finally, steel shops bent tube steel pipes that were assembled and theme painted to resemble rustic bamboo trellises. As the shop fabrication was completed, just-in-time truck deliveries were arranged to allow for quick off-loading and immediate assembly and installation by field crews. The project was successfully opened to the public in late spring 2017.

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