Theme Construction

COST field crews are proficient in a variety of theme construction techniques. Every project’s success relies on the dedication of highly-trained construction personnel. COST project managers guide field employees through the scheduling and desired deliverables while experienced superintendents carry out the day-to-day operations. This also includes direct interaction with general contractors, other subcontractors, owners, and design professionals. Theme and specialty projects require more than skilled and knowledgeable construction personnel; blending artistry with sound construction methodologies requires passionate and highly capable artists. COST has retained several of the finest artisans the industry has to offer and continues to enhance artistic concepts by pursuing unique projects that push the envelope of specialty exhibit construction.

Project Safety

While productivity is extremely important to each project, quality, artistry, and most importantly, employee safety, are never compromised. To ensure we operate a safe job site, COST employs a full time safety director that leads safety seminars, provides safety manuals, and makes random job inspections to each and every site. COST’s “Safety 365” program requires all superintendents to pass an OSHA 30-hour certification and any field employees to pass the OSHA 10-hour certification. The program continues to reduce workplace injuries and has led to a safety rating far better than the industry norm.