Sundara Inn GFRC rock work grotto

Sundara Inn and Spa, Cambrian Oasis

Sundara Inn & Spa’s focus on wellness led ownership to pursue a new $9 million, 33,000 sq. ft. expansion project in Wisconsin Dells that opened in spring 2018. The expansion includes another outdoor pool, lush rooftop gardens, new fitness areas, additional culinary experiences, retreat space, and expanded parking.

One focal point of the expansion is the Cambrian Oasis. This area is comprised of an indoor pool, complete with swim-up bar, waterfalls, rock escarpments, and secluded grottos. Ownership envisioned rock features that are indigenous to the area, resembling the Wisconsin River’s weathered rock cliffs. COST was contacted by the project team because of their extensive master mold collection taken directly from these escarpments. The molds produce highly detailed glass fiber-reinforced rockwork panels (GFRC), replicating the unique strata found within the region.

COST’s Work on the Sundara Inn and Spa in the Wisconsin Dells

ADCI and the Neuman Group provided the grotto design concept and COST worked collaboratively with the team to further refine the design, provide structural engineering, and then construct a scale model. These tools were all used to convey the design intent. Upon approval, COST’s steel fabrication department constructed stainless steel structural framing. Stainless steel was used for all anchor imbeds and the structural frame due to salt water within the pool and spa. Simultaneously, GFRC panel casting was underway within the 144,000 sq. ft. Jackson plant, based on the approved model texturing. Once the stainless steel framing and GFRC panels were completed, COST crews were dispatched to the site for installation. While GFRC panels provide exacting replications of natural geologic formations, artistry is paramount for blending the seams between the panels. Staffed artisans were tasked with carving the concrete seams prior to artistic coloring and aging the overall surface area. The final product is a true testament of the team’s dedication to delivering a first-class spa experience.

Visit Sundara Inn & Spa online for more information on the expansion and amenities. Sundara was ranked the #9 Best Destination Spa in the U.S. and the #2 Best Resort Hotel in the Midwest in Travel + Leisure magazine’s “World’s Best Awards for 2016” as voted by readers.

Photos provided by Architectural Design Consultants, Inc. and Jake Rost Photography, Madison, WI.