Preconstruction Services

COST's involvement in theme or specialty projects goes far beyond field construction. Construction project consultation, material recommendations, estimating, and other services are all available during the preconstruction phases. Our seasoned staff members can be brought in during preconstruction to consult with owners, architects, engineers, and contractors. These meetings are beneficial for pricing and scheduling purposes as approaches, materials, and other aspects of specialty exhibit construction can be weighed and critiqued to determine the best fabrication and construction methods.

Proper Project Planning Saves Time and Money

Early assistance in theme projects can save time and money in the longer term as many of the challenges in developing these features, as well as potential exhibit costs, are discussed and understood early on in the project. This is extremely important when the theme or specialty aspect of the project is heavily integrated with other building trades.

COST can also provide shop drawings as needed to successfully develop each project. Shop drawings can be as simple as connection details or as complicated as complete water feature mechanical design. Likewise, stamped engineered drawings can be offered to complement the shop drawing process. Our engineering partners are licensed in every state we service.

COST’s staffed designers are proficient in a number of programs including AutoCAD, Rhino, Revit, and other 3D Modeling software. We also use a proprietary program called Computer Aided Framework System (CAFS) that allows modeling to be fed directly into our automated manufacturing equipment. These drawings can be shared with the design and architectural team for Building Information Modeling (BIM) integration and clash detection.

If your project requires green alternatives, our team works closely with architects, designers, general contractors, and owners on developing our features using green materials and more efficient mechanical systems.