water play

Water Play at Bellaboo’s Imagination Garden

Bellaboo's Imagination Garden, or B.I.G. for short, opened their new outdoor play area catering to children under 10 years old. The new three-acre interactive experience allows children to explore interesting, tactile surroundings including a 60’ long pirate ship and a mountain with caves. Children can pretend to sail the high seas or search out adventures on land. B.I.G. even offers a small waterplay area.

Features of Bellaboo's Imagination Garden

The main mountain feature includes exploration caves complete with embedded “jewels” and thermo-chromatic paint on the cave walls. This paint changes colors when the temperature changes. Within the rock formation, planter pockets were designed to hold native vegetation and soften the hardscape. A wood sluice carries water from Pelican Point, perched high on the mountain, down to educational water-based activities. The stream section allows children to interact and play in the water during the warm Indiana summer. Fossils are strategically placed within the concrete finishes to add to the adventure.

Workshop and picnic areas are surrounded by native plants and faux palm trees which follow along with B.I.G.’s theme.

COST'S Role in Bellaboo's Construction

Local general contractor, Berglund Construction, contracted with COST to provide shop drawings, engineering, scale models, pelican sculpture fabrication, and on-site construction of the theme rockwork and water feature elements. COST worked collaboratively with Bellaboo’s project team, Berglund, and Hitchcock Design through this process to deliver the design intent. COST and Hitchcock Design have worked together on previous recreational and health care projects.

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