Water Feature Construction

Water features have continued to grow in popularity over the past few decades. Regulation golf courses, residential and commercial developments, office parks, retail stores, casinos, resorts, and city parks have all included water features that provide a beautiful or signature setting within that facility’s grounds.

Water Feature Design & Fabrication Services

COST offers a full spectrum of water feature construction services including mechanical design, modeling, fabrication, and construction. Staffed designers work with project architects, consultants, owners, and general contractors to develop concepts created independently or through a collaborative effort. Design/build arrangements are typical as this process hinges on a firm’s knowledge of water feature systems to present realistic budgets from pre-construction through completion to ensure a project’s success. COST’s design/build services are used in the majority of water feature projects undertaken.

Water features can take a number of styles, from more natural waterfalls and streams to complex architectural features complete with sculptural elements. Lighting, water flow rates, water treatment, and many other criteria go into each water feature constructed. A thorough understanding of these variables by COST’s design and project management staff will yield a water feature that is truly iconic.

COST Water Feature Project Gallery

Check out the project photos above for an overview of our naturalistic and architectural water feature construction work. These projects represent work we perform in all types of materials and construction disciplines, providing our clients with a single-source solution to design and build any water feature imaginable. Please visit our contact us page to request more information on water feature design/build services.