Village of Rosemont, Water Feature

Monument Park, located at Higgins Road and River Road in Rosemont, IL, was closed last fall to begin the reconstruction of the well-known iconic Rosemont waterfall. The old Rosemont waterfall, known throughout the Chicagoland area, was a gathering place for locals, a favorite spot for wedding photos, and a tourist destination. The new waterfalls are larger than the previous version and includes a “City of Rosemont” sign, which stands in front of the falls.

COST was selected for this project to assist the team in delivering their vision. Our scope of work included: design assistance, shop drawings, engineering, shotcrete pools, rockwork, fountains, fountain plumbing, lighting installation, and the stainless steel sign. Additional GFRC boulders were added along the pond perimeter for aesthetics. The waterfall is approximately 200 linear feet of simulated rockwork with heights exceeding 12’ tall.

The village refurbished two 50 HP pumps from the original feature and self-performed the required renovations to the existing civil, mechanical, and landscaping to accommodate this new larger and more attractive feature.