A multi-level water playground at Tahiti Village Lost Island Water Park. The structure has covered play areas, a splash pad, and faux palm trees.

Tahiti Village at Lost Island Water Park

The Lost Island Waterpark opened its 2015 season introducing its latest attraction called Tahiti Village. This highly themed, multi-level play unit offers a number of interactive features like spray bars, spray hoses, valves, three slides, and a large dump bucket. The three medium-sized slides are perfect for younger guests.

Unlike many water play structures, this custom-designed feature was constructed using 100% stainless steel, coated, primed, and then theme painted with a bamboo paint application. This painting schedule was incredibly time-consuming, but the finish resembles an actual bamboo structure. The custom fiberglass thatch roofing provides a nice theme complement along with durability for years of use. In addition to the realistic theme work, the owner selected a few vibrant green, red, blue, and yellow interactive elements to stand out from the theme paints and add vibrancy to the structure.

If your paradise includes lounging under a tree, you can bask under two new realistic palm trees with spraying coconuts. The trees are a perfect amenity for smaller children and parents.

COST’s Expertise in Water Playground and Theme Construction

COST was hired by Lost Island Water Park for shop drawings, engineering, general fabrication, sculpture fabrication, and construction of Tahiti Village.

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