Exhibit Renovation at Turtle Reef

Turtle Reef reopened to the public in spring of 2022. The exhibit hosts thirteen sea turtles weighing up to 325 lbs.; these include the green, loggerhead, and endangered hawksbill species. Rays and other tropical fish also inhabit the space adding life and color to the exhibit. COST was selected by the project team to renovate…

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Exhibit Fabrication at Wonders of Wildlife

A stunning aquarium surrounded by natural rock and petrified wood. A painted mural on the wall features waterfalls and a forrest scene.

After winning the USA Today’s Top Aquarium Award in June of 2022, one would think the Wonders of Wildlife Aquarium could rest on its laurels. However, the team at Wonders had no such intention and continues to roll out new and exciting exhibits for its guests. The most recent exhibit fabrication project is further described…

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St. Louis Zoo’s Primate Canopy Trails Exhibit

The new $13,000,000 Saint Louis Zoo’s Primate Canopy Trails exhibit allows guests to become fully immersed amongst the treetop habitats of various small primates. The flexible 35,000 sq. ft. outdoor exhibit space connects to the Zoo’s Historic Primate House and is now home to several lemurs, callitrichids, spider monkeys, and more. Zoo Exhibit Design for…

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Milwaukee County Zoo’s African Adventure Exhibit Fabrication: Phase 2

A look inside the Hippopotamus Habitat pool at the Milwaukee Country Zoo, featuring two large viewing area windows looking into the habitat.

It was 1957 when the Milwaukee County Zoo became COST’s first exhibit fabrication client. Sixty-three years and many exhibits later, COST is proud to have successfully completed the new African Adventure Phase 2, Hippopotamus exhibit. This is the new home for Happy and Patti, the zoo’s 38-year-old male and 49-year-old female hippos. The new zoological…

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Exhibit Fabrication at ICR’s Discovery Center for Science and Earth History

ICR's Discovery Center for Science and Earth History

September 2nd, 2019 marked the opening of the much anticipated ICR Discovery Center for Science and Earth History. This cutting-edge 31,000 sq. ft. museum experience with interactive and immersive exhibits includes a 1,400 sq. ft. planetarium and a fossil gallery. Exhibits are comprised of an Ice Age diorama and theater, Founders of Science exhibit, Origins…

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