A massive simulated tree feature stands tall in the center of Soboba Casino. Strands of glass beads fall from the ceiling, and ambient lighting casts a warm red glow across the branches and glittering beads.

Simulated Tree Feature at Soboba Casino

The new Soboba Casino has opened its doors for business. The facility, located in San Jacinto, California, boasts a new 140,000 sq. ft. casino complete with multiple restaurants and a 200-room hotel. Soboba offers all the latest casino amenities in a first-class environment. The Tree Bar is just one of the offerings for patrons to gather for their favorite beverages. The upscale lounge is named after the iconic simulated tree.

Concept & Features of Tree Bar’s Simulated Tree Feature

The golden tree evolved from concept drawings that illustrated a wispy tree structure adorned with lighting and crystal-like beads. The project required complex 3D modeling coordinated between COST, the building architect, and the lighting consultant in order to ensure the 700 bead strands would hang freely from the ceiling above, without touching any portion of the tree or its branches. In addition to 3D modeling, a physical model that presented the final coloration and texture was completed. This was required prior to beginning fabrication. Since the tree was not specie specific, special attention was needed to deliver a “tree-like” texture, without using specific bark patterns. Finally, once the modeling process and finished branch layout was approved, structural engineering was completed.

The tree began as a structural steel system which was clad with a fiberglass hard coat to provide the rough shaping of the tree. Epoxy applications, administered by COST artisans, were applied to deliver the final tree texture. A specialty polymetal alloy product was sprayed unto the tree. This process delivered the deep gold finish. This surface was then buffed to perfection. As lighting and shimmering beads were added above, the gold tree took on its true beauty.

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