Architectural & Building Restoration

A large tunnel with arched ceilings and hanging light fixtures. The tunnel lined with a shotcrete facade and stone flooring. A short staircase at the end of the tunnel leads to double doors where people enter.COST of Wisconsin, Inc. has experience with shotcrete and gunite construction techniques dating back to 1957. The versatility, durability, and bonding properties of these materials enable COST craftsmen to restore deteriorating concrete structures to their original strength and aesthetic quality. In many instances, shotcrete and gunite restoration is significantly less expensive than demolition and new construction. The longevity and durability of good restoration work will deter repeated repairs and disruptive maintenance.

Beyond concrete repair, the unique properties of shotcrete enable craftsmen to create new facades over existing structures or duplicate existing features or facades. The flexibility of shotcrete has proven its usefulness in many restoration applications, such as parking garages, tunnels, building facades, and existing shotcrete features (such as rock formations, ponds and streams).

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