Rockwork and Water Features at Metalcraft

Metalcraft’s desire to rebrand their new Mayville property offered an opportunity for LeRosa Landscape, COST of Wisconsin, Inc., and the client to develop an aesthetic and functional fix to the site’s topographical changes.

Simulated Rockwork, Water Features, and Landscaping at Metalcraft

The team developed a collaborative approach during the project preconstruction phase to beautify the property while aiding with the extensive topography. The work included a significant simulated rockwork retaining wall system with decorative planter pockets and a small water feature. The grade retention reduced soil erosion and allowed for more usable space at the hilly base for a company picnic space/pavilion. The result met all the desired criteria: a beautiful backdrop with rock, water features, and indigenous plantings that created an entertainment area for employees and clients.

COST was hired by LaRosa through a design-assist/build contractual relationship, an increasingly common mechanism for these highly specialized detail construction projects. Once conceptual plans were approved, shop drawings and a scale model were completed by the COST team to deliver the design intent. Mechanical designs were also required for the small pond-less water feature at the base of the hill. Finally, structural engineering was completed to ensure the proper structure was added to the rock outcroppings to withstand soil loading. All site-simulated rockwork walls, waterfalls, and mechanical systems were installed by COST field personnel and artisans.

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