Specialty Fabrication

coral2COST has been actively involved in replicating Mother Nature’s grandeur at zoos and aquariums since 1957. Our vast library of molded rock, trees, roots, coral, and other decorative elements provides perfectly accurate replications for new or renovation projects of any size. These products can be fabricated in numerous materials such as GFRC, FRP, urethane, or epoxies depending upon the desired use. Each piece is painstakingly molded, colored, and aged by artisans that have serviced the zoo, aquarium and museum communities for decades.

Our production is typically completed within our 144,000 square foot Wisconsin plant and corporate headquarters. While many products are displayed online, COST is a custom fabrication company and can develop unique pieces to meet your exacting needs. For more information on specialty fabrication, molded or custom products or services, please visit our contact us page, or call 262-677-6060 today.

See our PDF of Common Name and Scientific Name of Pacific Corals, Atlantic Corals, Caribbean Corals, Monterey Bay Corals, Red Sea Corals, Sea of Oman corals. It includes "True to Life Corals", Staghorns, Sea Plumes, Whips, Stars and Grasses.