A theme office space features a colorful and scenic replication of an elfin homestead in a reimagined corporate office.

Office Space Reimagined with Theme Construction

Workplace environments have been steadily changing over the years, with many interesting and entertaining office innovations being introduced by top tech firms. The global pandemic has expedited that trend as companies outside tech have also embraced a more engaging office experience for their employees. Reimagining office spaces (i.e. delivering a more interesting physical workplace) will continue as workers transition from remote work locations back to offices and as competition for top talent increases.

Livening Up the Workspace with Themed Construction

A recently completed theme construction project in a commercial office building included a picturesque scenic replication of an elfin homestead within a rolling Medieval landscape. COST, in concert with the general contractor and other project stakeholders, developed the first-generation budget pricing. Upon approval, an incredibly detailed iterative process of pricing, model building, and sample fabrication commenced, ensuring delivery of the original design intent. Fabricated samples submitted for review included: distressed plaster, faux brick, and simulated stained glass. The approval for each activity was a stand-alone process, however, everything had to fit together seamlessly to create the scene. The stained-glass feature was fabricated using colored yet translucent fiberglass that allows just enough light to pass while still resembling the old-world glass thicknesses and finish.

For each of the faux brick areas, the color, style, and purposeful imperfections were meticulously studied. The hand-applied plaster was skillfully applied to its lath substrate and carefully carved as intended. The paint and final coloration consisted of artistically applied stains and washes to deliver a weathered look.

Tying the entire project together was the artificial plant material. Due to the interruptions in the silk plant material supply chain experienced during COVID, the entire team worked tirelessly to obtain artificial plantings and grasses from a variety of sources. The foliage was then strategically placed to provide the desired intent.

COST was hired by the local general contractor to provide shop drawings, fabrication, and site construction of theme construction work. On-site construction performed by COST field crews included faux aged plaster walls and brick door surrounds, simulated brick fireplace, replicated stained-glass windows, and installation of artificial plants and grasses to replicate rolling, grassy hills.

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