New Theme Attraction Debut at Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens newest attraction, Tigris, opened to the public in April 2019. The ancient theme ruin roller coaster attraction includes a more than 1,800-linear foot track with a 150-foot skyward surge and an inverted roll. The coaster propels riders at 60 miles per hour.

COST’s Fabrication of a New Theme Park Attraction Entrance

A ruin monument sign, composed of simulated blocks and heavy timber beams, sets the stage as coaster enthusiasts enter the Tigris theme area. Ruin block walls and columns cover the ride operator’s station and the queue line-building columns. The structure provides much-needed shade for waiting patrons. Locker areas were even theme-painted to maintain a consistent theme throughout the space. Carved and colored shotcrete mud bank walls were integrated within the ride landscape area. These walls retain planter pocket soils and allow for added greenery.

COST was contracted through the local general contractor to provide all shop drawings, structural engineering, scale models, fabrication, and site construction of thematic ruin finishes. COST artisans also thematically painted the exterior locker area. Tampa-based Taylor and Associates was the architect for the Tigris project.

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