Museum Exhibit Fabrication

COST’s six decades of experience in museum exhibit fabrication work is clearly evident in the museum exhibits created. Fabricating museum exhibits that deliver educational and entertainment content stimulates the learning process and satisfies our curiosity of history, sciences, and the environment. Adding immersive components furthers the educational mission. Truly effective immersive exhibits are those that are compelling and realistic. These requirements fit COST’s strengths to a tee.

COST's Strengths in Museum Exhibit Fabrication

Materials such as GFRC, FRP, shotcrete, acrylics, epoxies, and theme carpentry provide textures and finishes that look realistic and feel natural to the touch. These materials are used to promote hands-on learning and improve the patron experience. New materials and methodologies are always being explored to deliver enriching, educational, and entertaining exhibits to museum patrons.

The approach to any museum exhibit fabrication project involves a number of key groups and personnel. COST’s project managers have tremendous organizational and interpersonal skills, which provide a smooth transition from design through completion. Physical and 3D modeling bring ideas to life, while staffed construction crews and artisans work closely with the museum staff and the design team to ensure the final product meets all aspects developed through the exhibit's preconstruction phases.

COST’s scope of service goes far beyond facades and faux treatments; graphics, murals, interpretive, and interactive exhibits are all under the COST umbrella of services. The precise integration of all these elements pulls a museum exhibit together to present a complex set of ideas in engaging and entertaining ways.

Museum Exhibit Fabrication Projects + Gallery

Check out the photos above for an overview of our museum work around the world. These projects represent work we perform in all types of materials and construction disciplines, providing our clients with a single-source solution to meet their museum exhibit needs. Please visit our contact us page to request more information on museum exhibits.

Museum Projects by COST: