Lost Island Water Park's mermaid cove features artificial rockwork and theme construction, including the water tank where the mermaid swims.

Lost Island Water Park, Blue Iguana Play Area

COST completed the next new family attraction at Lost Island Water Park in Waterloo, IA. The Blue Iguana has been completely renovated and now includes an interactive mermaid aquarium, a new corkscrew slide, and interesting new theme facades that separate two theme pool areas.

COST’s Work on Theme Features at Lost Island

The owners and COST designers worked closely to determine the appropriate theme features that would enhance the area and conceal the slide towers.  The result is a rock mountain and waterfall with a castle that has been built into the rocky escarpment. The new mermaid aquarium, part of the castle façade, will allow patrons to say hello to Maizie the Mermaid, Lost Island’s resident mermaid, or they can simply watch her swim in her native habitat.

Scope of services included shop drawings, engineering, models, facade construction, fabrication and construction of the theme rock mountain, castle facades, corkscrew slide, mermaid aquarium, and new stairs and deck for the slide towers.

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