Jerry Elhke stands with his wife on his retirement day. He wears a party hat and a sash that says "retired" across his chest.

Jerry Ehlke Retires – Corporate News

Jerry Ehlke, the Legendary Man of Steel, Retires

Jerry Ehlke completed his last steel armatures in March of 2016, closing out his nearly 36-year tenure with COST of Wisconsin, Inc. Jerry was heavily involved in nearly every project that COST had undertaken over the past several decades. Starting as a welder and yard laborer in September of 1981 and quickly rising to the steel shop supervisor, he and his crew were excellent collaborators, troubleshooters, and efficient expeditors, keeping up with oftentimes challenging just-in-time (JIT) delivery schedules. Jerry was instrumental in developing new and innovative ways to fabricate steelwork. He plans to “work” on his golf swing during his retirement and also intends to do more bowling, hunting, fishing, and snowmobiling.

Jerry’s presence, steelwork knowledge, and upbeat personality will be missed by each and every department.

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