Kingdoms of Asia Entrance

Journey to the East: Fresno Chaffee Zoo’s ‘Kingdoms of Asia’ Exhibit Unveiled

The Fresno Chaffee Zoo has taken a monumental leap into the heart of Asia, and it's not just about animal enclosures – it's about unlocking the mysteries and majesties of the continent. The opening of the "Kingdoms of Asia" exhibit marks a significant milestone in the world of immersive zoo experiences. Thanks to a remarkable collaboration between cultural advisory committees, design firms, FCZ, and COST, this exhibit transports visitors into the enchanting realms of Asia in a way never seen before.

This spectacular exhibit entrance, crowned by the carved head of Brahma, a Hindu god with four faces symbolizing each cardinal direction, sets the tone for a remarkable journey into the heart of the East. Two mythical lion statues, known as "singha," stand guard, representing protection and inviting visitors to explore a world filled with intricate cultural and natural detail. Inspired by Cambodia's iconic Angkor Wat temple, guests embark on a voyage thousands of miles away, all while remaining within the zoo's confines.

"Kingdoms of Asia" is a testament to the power of creativity, innovation, and dedication to conservation. It's not just a collection of animal habitats; it's an immersive journey through various regions of Asia, brought to life with incredible detail, artistry, and storytelling.

Visitors embarking on this captivating adventure are met with an array of Asian ecosystems, each meticulously recreated with the utmost attention to cultural and environmental accuracy. The goal? To provide a captivating and educational experience for guests of all ages, connecting them with the incredible diversity and natural beauty of the continent. And COST of Wisconsin, Inc, known for its groundbreaking work in theme construction, is proud to have played a pivotal role in bringing this vision to life.

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Artificial tree and themed ruins
Exterior theme construction