The Barrel Room at Founders Taproom

The Barrel Room at Founders Taproom, Theme Construction

COST is often called upon to replicate unique surroundings. The barrel room at Founders Taproom in Detroit is no exception. The barrel room concept was inspired by the gypsum mining caves located 85 feet below Grand Rapids, MI. This is where Founders Brewing Company “barrel-age” their distinctive craft beers. The simulated rockwork walls, old whiskey barrels, and beautiful oak theme finishes provide patrons the experience of being in an actual barrel aging cave.

”Here at COST, there are so many unique projects we undertake, the Founders story was really interesting to me. Our work in the Taproom replicated an old gypsum mine, these mines are used for aging beer”, states Kris Arneson, COST’s project manager. “Whether it is a zoo, museum, aquarium, or a brew house, we are provided an amazing opportunity to learn about the spaces we replicate”, added Arneson.

The Founders team contracted with COST to deliver the mining cave design intent. Shop drawings and samples were developed based upon cave reference photos provided by ownership. Once approved, COST field personnel and artisans were dispatched to perform the plastering, sculpting, and theme painting.

The project team included Detroit-based general contractor, ROK Construction, COST of Wisconsin, Inc., theme construction, and Founders Brewing Company, Grand Rapids.

Photographs provided by Founders Brewing Company.