Convergence Station, Meow Wolf Denver

The September 2021 grand opening of Meow Wolf Convergence Station was a celebration of exhibit work created by over 300 artists, many from Colorado. The downtown Denver location is uniquely nestled between multiple I-25 on/off ramps, Auraria Parkway, and Colfax Ave. The building and its brightly colored signage beckon visitors to experience the exhibits inside.

Upon entry, patrons will pass through multiple mind-bending immersive journeys of sight and sound, along with interactive technologies and tactile experiences. Convergence Station is a confluence of meaningful art and entertainment, or “art-tainment”, but that descriptor only tells a small portion of a much deeper and more complex storyline.

Working with COST on the Meow Wolf Denver Exhibit

COST was approached by the Meow Wolf project team to perform design-assist services along with construction and artistry of several high-impact thematic areas. The areas, specifically called the Catacombs, Ice World, Juviganger, and the Cave, included simulated rock formations, ice, snow, faux block, earthen textured walls, and plaster ruins. Once the sculpting, carving, and multiple paint applications were completed, these finishes were then further enhanced by works of art produced and installed by Meow Wolf artists and other local artisans. The collaborative and combined efforts of all artists involved create an overall experience that is truly extraordinary. “As a collective of artists ourselves, this project provided COST an opportunity to work alongside a host of creative minds, story-tellers, and other highly talented artisans of all disciplines,” states Sergio Castro, COST’s Project Manager.

Bringing Meow Wolf to Life with COST

COST contracted directly with Meow Wolf to provide shop drawings, ½” scale models, samples of finishes, fabrication of miscellaneous theme elements (icicles, access panels, theme speaker covers, screens, molding cloth, etc.), secondary steel assemblies, and on-site construction of faux rockwork, ice, earth banks, ruins, and brick/block.

Turner Construction was the General Contractor and Orlando-based AOA was the construction manager.

Photo courtesy of Kevin J. Beaty/