Exhibit Renovation at Turtle Reef

Turtle Reef reopened to the public in spring of 2022. The exhibit hosts thirteen sea turtles weighing up to 325 lbs.; these include the green, loggerhead, and endangered hawksbill species. Rays and other tropical fish also inhabit the space adding life and color to the exhibit. COST was selected by the project team to renovate…

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TAO Asian Bistro and Lounge Water Features

A stunning modern water feature at the TAO Asian Bistro, featuring a red-lit glass structure with cascading water, pooling at the bottom.

During the Summer of 2020, the Mohegan Sun contacted COST to develop unique water features for their latest dining concept, TAO Asian Bistro and Lounge. Conveniently situated off the Sky Tower Hotel Lobby, TAO boasts a 10,000-square-foot, 300-seat Pan Asian dining experience. The Bistro focuses on Chinese, Japanese, and Thai techniques and ingredients. COST’s Scope…

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Simulated Tree Feature at Soboba Casino

A massive simulated tree feature stands tall in the center of Soboba Casino. Strands of glass beads fall from the ceiling, and ambient lighting casts a warm red glow across the branches and glittering beads.

The new Soboba Casino has opened its doors for business. The facility, located in San Jacinto, California, boasts a new 140,000 sq. ft. casino complete with multiple restaurants and a 200-room hotel. Soboba offers all the latest casino amenities in a first-class environment. The Tree Bar is just one of the offerings for patrons to…

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St. Francis Hospital’s Family Respite Garden

St. Francis Hospital, Family Respite Garden, Setting GFRC walls

Rooftop projects such as the St. Francis Hospital Family Respite Garden require structural yet lightweight materials to deliver unique architectural (or naturalistic) finishes but at lighter weights than typical masonry construction. Specifically, the St. Francis design team desired the look of architectural stone retaining and seat walls within the garden space. By using a polystyrene…

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