Bass Pro Shops Memphis Pyramid 4 Low Res

Bass Pro Shop Memphis Pyramid

On April 29th, the Bass Pro Shops in the Memphis Pyramid welcomed over 35,000 sportsmen to its Grand Opening. That number had grown to over 1,000,000 visitors by August 4th.* The massive, iconic pyramid-shaped sports complex has become an instant regional attraction. The facility offers a full-service Bass Pro Shops retail store, Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill, bowling, archery, and shooting ranges, a 103-room resort/hotel, and much more. The Bass Pro Shops features nine aquatic environments, including swamps, streams, rivers, and lakes, which will house bass, catfish, sunfish, carp, trout, and even alligators. These aquatic exhibits range from 8,000 to over 100,000 gallons. Due to the significant amount of vertical space, cypress trees up to 100 feet tall, with eight-to-ten-foot diameters, were constructed within the main gallery and retail space.  A trip in the 28-story glass elevator provides guests with a birds-eye view of the store and exhibits.

COST was selected by the owner to provide shop drawings, structural engineering, models, fabrication, and construction for the various dioramas and aquatic habitats. The exhibit scope included rockwork, earthen textures, ponds, streams, sand textures, and numerous simulated trees.

*Source: Bass Pro Shops

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