Aquarium Exhibit Fabrication

COST has been actively involved in aquatic habitat fabrication since 1957. We are a proud member of the AZA (Association of Zoos and Aquariums) for over 30 years. Our work in public and private freshwater and saltwater aquariums spans the globe. Underwater exhibits vary by region, from river basins to brackish waters to ocean coral reefs. COST site personnel have extensive knowledge in creating immersive aquarium creations and many other specialty aquatic environments. Materials used in these aquarium habitats are animal-safe, durable, fade-resistant, and highly realistic.

Simulated Coral for Realistic Aquatic Environments

Simulated coral is available through our abundant cast library and through custom aquarium fabrication. Our current library of Atlantic, Pacific, Indian Ocean, and Red Sea coral casts provides specific authenticity to any underwater environment. COST’s knowledge of coral placement and configuration ensures that any reef project will rival that of natural reefs found around the world. COST crews also install acrylic windows and aquarium life support systems, providing a complete scope of services for aquarium exhibit fabrication projects, both large and small.

See our PDF of Common Name and Scientific Name of Pacific Corals, Atlantic Corals, Caribbean Corals, Monterey Bay Corals, Red Sea Corals, Sea of Oman corals. It includes "True to Life Corals," Staghorns, Sea Plumes, Whips, Stars, and Grasses.

Aquatic Environments Created by COST

Check out the project photos above for an overview of our work in aquatic habitats and aquariums. These projects represent work performed in all types of materials and construction disciplines, providing clients with a single-source solution to meet their aquatic exhibit needs. Please visit the contact us page to request more information on aquarium exhibits.